Forget the Cow

Written by: Rabbi Yosef Rosen Rabbi Nachum Twersky of Chernobyl, a member of the Baal Shem Tov’s inner circle, was once travelling through the Ukraine and lodged at an inn owned by “yishuvniks” – sweet, simple Jews who lived in the middle of nowhere, and ran a small farm and an inn for a non-Jewish landlord on a desolate stretch of a busy road.  Following a … Continue reading Forget the Cow

The 75-Year-Old Bottle of Wine from Poland

The remarkable true story of a survivor’s special Passover gift. Written by: Rabbi Kurt Stein /  Originally published on   Meir and Hinda Schwartz* were married over 50 years. They moved to Newark, New Jersey in 1946 after suffering the horrors of Auschwitz and other notorious Nazi death camps. At that point Newark boasted a Jewish community of thousands with dozens of shuls. Meir … Continue reading The 75-Year-Old Bottle of Wine from Poland

The 6-Step Method for Managing Any Ethical Dilemma

Originally Published on Entrepreneur 3/31/2016 Dilemma submitted by Matt Sweetwood   Throughout our business and personal lives we are faced with dilemmas that place us between a “rock and a hard place;” dilemmas that are always win-lose. They force us to choose between saving one person’s job while costing another’s; causing one person to lose money while another gains; and hurting one friend while helping the other. … Continue reading The 6-Step Method for Managing Any Ethical Dilemma

What Exactly is a Seller Obligated to Tell a Buyer?

Ethical Business Dilemma submitted by: Anonymous Answered by: Rabbi Kurt Stein   A friend of mine, Reuven was the CEO of a very successful private company. They were being pursued by Shimon, a CEO of a public company, who wanted to buy Reuven’s company. Reuven knew much more about his own company than Shimon knew. Shimon, of course, sent in a small army’s worth of attorneys and accountants to perform due … Continue reading What Exactly is a Seller Obligated to Tell a Buyer?

Purim and the Forces of Randomness

Written by: Rabbi Adam Jacobs Previously published on: The Algemeiner 24 centuries ago the Jewish People, exiled in Persia, were slated for their first genocide at the hands of King Ahasuerus and his sociopathic viceroy Haman the Aggagite. Through a series of apparently fortuitous coincidences they experienced a surprising reversal of fortune that left their enemies vanquished and the Jews well positioned to return to … Continue reading Purim and the Forces of Randomness

Travel Back in Time… Here’s What I Would Change

Matt Sweetwood If I Could Travel Back in Time, Here’s What I Would Change Originally Published on The Good Men Project 03/12/2016 Imagine if we could travel back in time. Now that is not a stupid statement. Not because it’s really possible (channeling my inner Einstein here) but because I can promise you every single person on earth over 18 years old has imagined it … Continue reading Travel Back in Time… Here’s What I Would Change

Sinai Broadcast

Written by Rabbi Yosef Rosen Out for a stroll, perhaps amid the serenity of the Jewish Sabbath, I am totally oblivious to the thousands of broadcasters who are emitting radio signals around us.  When I worked at the Justice Department, investigating telecom matters, I came to understand exactly how much of this information is beamed through our living space and which passes through our very … Continue reading Sinai Broadcast